Oh Snap!! Instagram Steals Snapchat’s Storie...

Oh Snap!! Instagram Steals Snapchat’s Stories Feature…

So where were you yesterday when Instagram decided it wanted to launch its clone rip off of Snapchat’s Stories?

If you haven’t heard, yesterday, Instagram released it’s newest feature, Stories, which allows you to take 10 second video clips and add them to a collage (or your Story) that lasts for 24 hours.

The problem – it is basically, an exact clone of Snapchat.

I’m still undecided on this feature, and God knows we don’t need another feature, platform, system to learn and utilize as if we don’t have enough already!

But bigger than the debate on whether Snapchat or Instagram Stories are better (which I will way in on later), this teaches us entrepreneurs a very valuable lesson in business.

Nothing is original anymore. We spend so much time trying to be “original” when we should be focused on creating community and engagement. Instagram is the giant in this messy boots debacle and yet they still decided to “steal” the same ideas and platform from their lesser counterpart. So, it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, just know that someone is always watching.

And let’s remember, Facebook now owns Instagram and has proven to us they will not be outshined by ANY platform, just ask Periscope.

Facebook tried to buy Snapchat back in 2013 for $3 billion dollars and Snapchat declined, so I guess this is their way of showing them who’s boss.

As I shared in my book, the best way to success is to stop worrying about what others are doing and focus on you. I’m sure Snapchat CEO had a conniption yesterday when he found out, but one thing that makes Snapchat special is its ability to engage and create a tribe of loyal fans. Instagrammers were in an uproar last night because they felt cheated on, even though they love Instagram. It’s more important to build strong relationships with your followers instead of always trying to be “the best”.

Why? Because someone is always trying to be better than you, outshine you and you will live your life always in fear of your competition. But if you rock at what you do, and bring your uniqueness to the table, it doesn’t matter what big (or little) giant tries to take your shine, your true fans will be loyal to you and that’s what matters.

So let’s talk about the two different apps.

Now I am a Snapchat junkie, but I have been playing around with the new Instagram stories and here’s what I know:

What I love about Instagram:

  • Instagram has over 500 million users verses Snapchat with only 100 million users, so Instagram allows you to connect with a much larger audience.
  • My audience lives on Instagram so they get to connect with me and me with them, which I love.
  • The interface
  • You get to see more behind the scenes of the people you follow

What I don’t love about Instagram:

  • Where are my dog faces, my halo’s that give me great skin and funny filters?
  • I can’t use my emoji’s or change up my snaps. The only thing you can do is type text, and draw, which is wack in my opinion. Although I am feeling the highlighter tool!
  • If you follow a lot of people, it becomes overwhelming to watch everyone’s stories

What I love about Snapchat:

  • My dog faces, my halo’s that give me great skin and funny filters
  • I can send snaps to just one person or my whole list of followers
  • I can upload images from my camera to my snaps
  • You can create your own custom filter which is cool for an event or special occasion

What I don’t love about Snapchat:

  • If I don’t know a person’s username I cant follow them and vice versa
  • It’s hard to find people unless they are a part of your contact list, which means it’s harder to grow your network
  • You can’t change your username

In any case, you need to be using at least one of them for your business! Both of these platforms allow you to connect on a more intimate level with your followers. Remember – engagement = coins in the bank. When you have some time, read this blog post where I share the 2 reasons why you need to be using Snapchat (and now Instagram Stories) to grow your business, plus my quick how to tips to get started.

But you know I can’t close this out without giving my final verdict.

So for me, the headliner is (drumroll please)…. Snapchat!

I am still in love with this app and I am not ready to let my filters go. But I am sure Instagram isn’t finished updating their Stories and will find a way to lead the ship again. Until then, I will be using both apps! Click the links below to follow me on Snapchat and Instagram and I will follow you back.

Snapchat: @bombshellbiz

Instagram: @TimeeshaDuncan

So tell me how do you feel about the new Instagram stories feature? Are you going to use it, or are you a Snapchat person? Leave your comments below and let us know your thoughts.



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