EP 22: Managing Trill Motherhood and Being Boss wi...

EP 22: Managing Trill Motherhood and Being Boss with Bossmom Nation


In this episode, we caught up with the amazing dynamic duo of Bossmom Nation, Aliyah and Shah.  We talked tackling your responsibilities as a parent and a business-owner and how it is possible to have the best of both worlds, the difficulties these ladies faced and how they overcame the struggles of juggling between being a mom and an entrepreneur.


“The Movement of BOSSMOM NATION is backed on women empowerment through motherhood. We’re impressed again and again by the women we meet, the stories we hear and the pictures we see. Being able to maintain who we are through all the hustle and bustle of motherhood is freaking major!

Mothers are the most effective consumers and activist of their household. We aim to make sure when she moves, she moves correctly! BOSSMOM NATION, as a brand, is focused on building a platform to connect with and provide content relevant and valuable to the trill mama of today.”


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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What it means to be a Bossmom
  • Work, Life Balance – is it possible?
  • How Shah overcame a certain point in her life where she needed to choose between business & motherhood
  • Just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your purpose.

Aliyah SAID:

  • “We live in the time and age where women are doing it BIG..”
  • “Women are the boss of their homes…”
  • “Businesses do not succeed by just selling products; they succeed by building a brand..”
  • “Motherhood is what WE are!”


Shah SAID:

  • “I don’t really believe in work, life balance; I believe we have to understand what parts of our lives need the most attention at a particular season of our life..”
  • “It’s never good when your business becomes a burden to you.. we become entrepreneurs for freedom..”


Timeesha SAID:

  • “No, you don’t have to choose, you can be both of those things (a mom and an entrepreneur).”
  • “As a mom, you know you have to be a chameleon, you gotta change with the situation…”


Damian SAID:

  • “Stop seeking validation, stop making yourself wrong, live in your reality and find a way to make it..”
  • “When you’re an entrepreneur, everything is not going to be perfect, even if you don’t have kids…becoming an entrepreneur, you have to act in imperfection”
  • “It takes 10 years to become an overnight success..”


Resources Discussed in this Episode:

Wallstreet Money Machine by Wade Cook

Launching A Leadership Revolution: Mastering The Five Levels of Influence by Cris Brady


More From Aliyah and Shah:

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